Incest stories about mom and son

A sex-frenzied milf lying in the bed with a massive rubber toy stuffed up her squelching hole gets busted by her teenage son… Poor mommy – she’s so hungry for sex that she needs urgent help, which can easily be provided by the boy’s throbbing cock! Incest stories about mom and son download here!

Incest stories about mom and son


  • I remember my older bros. telling me about him and a lady names Sylvia. He was 13 or 14 he said…she as a guess was about 35 but he went on…blond and big breasts, great hips and maybe 20 pounds overweight…..but she took him and he has never forgotten it……I could just go on and on with the details but the point is incest facinates me too… one day with my own son he and I will probably have a fun day…..we see.

  • my son has a fascination with fucking me, i see pictures of myself under his bed with his porn… I’m in a bathing suit in the photos so he has got a lot of imagining to do, I want to seduce him but is that wrong, I want to fuck you jay , love mom

  • my mom is a very pretty woman shes a little thick but porportioned in a very sexy way. one day i peekd as she was dressing and omg i wanted her so. later that evening i started a tickle fight which got pretty intense, as she verbally said no we cant do this physically she was letting me do as i pleased. We made love and then it turned into hot sex. this went on for a few years we never regretted a thing

  • Jackie Thomas….thhere is nothing wrong with it. You will enjoy it so very much. always wanted a wife that would let son fuck her pussy so i could get wet seconds

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